Chiropractic Group Operations

Chiropractic Group Operations will help you grow your business how you’d always envisioned, but never had the time, energy or resources to do yourself.

Our Mission

Chiropractic Group Operations (CGO) has a mission to provide the professional support practitioners need, allowing you to deliver best practice outcomes.

Our goal is to increase the positive impact that chiropractors have on worldwide health and vitality, through a culture of learning and development.

We will achieve this by delivering exceptional client health outcomes through clinical excellence within the chiropractic sector.

Our Solution

Chiropractic Group Operations (CGO) has a goal to be the national network of Australia and New Zealand's leading chiropractors.

A network that provides:

  • A unified practice management system for online bookings, accounts and reporting.
  • A patient-centric app to allow individual control of appointments, health plans and supplementary product order/purchase.
  • Advisory support for HR and workers health & safety (WHS) compliance to protect you and your employees.
  • A central marketing support with social media guidance and simple strategy proposal that assists increased awareness and customer acquisition.
  • The benefits of economies of scale with central procurement.
  • Shared best practice supported by in-depth data analysis.
  • Succession planning process that includes option to create fair value for business to be realised

Summary of Services


New Practice Management Solution - Provide and assist in migrating to a new cloud-based practice management solution with integration of Xero, Hicaps and EFTPOS to streamline financial transactions and banking reconciliation automation. This system will form the basis of other value-add services, including inventory management and integrated invoicing of your shelf product item.


Marketing experts delivering content-led social media strategy as well as best practice marketing guidelines.

Centrally-driven content creation, within AHPRA guidelines, that will help drive clinic awareness and practitioner profiles.

Facebook and Google advertising guidelines and suggested marketing executions, all within AHPRA compliance guidelines.

Current Facebook audit and suggestions for enhancement.

Two centrally driven facebook posts per week.

Option of a centrally generated monthly newsletter.

Sharing of best practice across the group.


Provide access to and support of a suite of solutions to enhance the compliance and productivity of clinics.

Centralised practice management, compliant note taking for office administrators and practitioners.

A mobile app with an online store, online bookings and patient care management.

General Internet, telephony and IT support service solution for clinics.

All services provided and charged through a central office support network.


Financial benchmarking – setting the capability to give you appropriate best practice benchmarks allowing agreement of realistic achievable goals for your business.

Our experienced team of chiropractic professionals to provide clear and effective business advice tailored to the needs of your practice. This dedicated team is with you every step of the way to ensure that your practice runs smoothly, identifying and providing solutions to issues before they impact on your practice and at all times allowing you to focus on patient care.


A support package to ensure your clinic has the formal structure and documentation in place for your protection and that of your employees/contractors, as well as WHS compliance. With added extras for specific issue management.


Staff development program being developed by world class practitioners focusing on providing the best care for your patients, whilst providing a genuine career path for your staff.

CGO will conduct annual Chiropractic Associate accreditation courses in house to further develop clinical performance.

Access to Employsure 24/7 helpline.

10% off Employsure all inclusive plans which includes legal support.


Access to a world-class product supply chain with economies of scale in bulk purchase and stock handling. Our product team will evaluate new supplement brands, dramatically improving COGS and the quality of product offering.

To find out more about how you can be a part of the CGO network. Please get in contact with us at:

Phone: 02 8089 2590

Address: 239 Sydney Road, Fairlight, New South Wales 2094


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